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Wedding Registry FAQs

When should we create our wedding register?

We suggest creating your wedding register a few weeks before sending out your invitations. We've found the more organised guests often like to choose something as soon as they receive their invitation. If you create your register too early, some of the gifts you choose can be discontinued/unavailable by the time your guests start purchasing.

How many gifts should we put on our list?

You want to have at least one gift per group of guests but we recommend selecting about 20% more gifts than guests. This ensures there will be plenty of choice for everyone right up to the wedding day.

What price range should we have?

The average wedding gift purchase in New Zealand is around $100 but we suggest including items from $20 and up. Make sure you have plenty of options at all price points to suit all of your guest's budgets! Also don't be afraid to include the big ticket items as many guests and families go together to get you something truly memorable. It's also a good idea to include gift vouchers so that your guests can purchase one to go towards something.

Can we change or exchange our wedding gifts?

We are more than happy to exchange items that have been purchased from your registry. Exchanges must be made within 3 months of the wedding and if you cannot find a suitable item to exchange your gift with we will give you a credit note.

When will our wedding register close?

Whenever you like! We suggest leaving it open for about a month after the wedding date but you can choose or change this date whenever you like.

Can we get a list of who purchased us each gift?

Yes! You can look at a list of which guests purchased which items whenever you like using your login.

What do we do if we receive a faulty or damaged item?

Please contact us within 2 days of delivery to report damaged or faulty items. We'll exchange them with a replacement item if available otherwise a gift voucher or credit note for the value of the purchase price.

What if an item on our list becomes unavailable?

If an item becomes unavailable we will remove it from your register and send you an email to let you know.

If we find that an item has become unavailable from our suppliers after it has been purchased by one of your guests we will offer you a similar alternative or a gift voucher for the purchase price of that gift. 

Can you store our gifts for us?

We'll happily store your gifts for as long as you want free of charge!


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