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White magic eco cloth value multi pack

White Magic
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The White Magic Household Value Pack has the 3 best selling Eco Cloths for cleaning all over the house. The General Purpose Cloth is an all round cloth that can wipe, scrub and absorb spills all over the home. The Dust & Polish cloth is designed to attract dust like a magnet off delicate surfaces were water can not be used. The Glass & Window Cloth leaves a streak free finish when cleaning glass, mirrors and stainless steel. This pack is great value and is the perfect started pack for someone who is looking for a chemical free cleaning product for all the major cleaning tasks around the home.


Chemical free cleaning solution – Just Use Dry.

Premium Eco cloth fibres.

General Purpose – All round cleaning cloth – Absorbing Wiping, Polishing etc.

Dust & Polish – Dual sided for picking up dust off all surfaces.

Glass & Window – Leaves a streak free finish on all shiny surfaces ie Glass, Windows, Stainless Steel etc.

Can be Machine Washed up to 300 times.

The Perfect pack for somone who is looking for the 3 best-selling Eco Cloths for cleaning all over the house.

Great Value – 3 Cloths for the same value as 2 cloths.


How to use


General Purpose

Wet Cloth and wring out excess water.

Fold into quarters.

Use the corrugated side for scrubbing heavily soiled areas.

Use the flat side for wiping & polishing.

Window & Glass

Wet Cloth and wring out excess water.

Fold into quarters.

Use the rougher side first (side with tag on it) and finish with the smoother side for a streak free finish.


Use Cloth Dry.

Fold into quarters.

Use the softer side first (side with tag on it) to collect dust and finish with the flatter side to polish the surface.


Where to use


Bathroom, Dusting, Window, Living Room


Size: 40 x 40cm x3 (General Purpose + Dust & Polish + Window & Glass)


General Cloth Material: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

Glass Cloth Material: 84% Polyester / 16% Polyamide

Dust Cloth Material: 86% Polyester / 14% Polyamide


Made in Vietnam/ Fabric Made in Korea