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Andre Verdier Laguiole Cutlery Canteen Set 24 Piece Ivory

Andre verdier laguiole cutlery canteen set 24 piece ivory

Andre Verdier
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For beautiful Laguiole cutlery every day, the Laguiole Debutant 24 Piece Cutlery Set contains enough cutlery for six places. With beautiful Andre Verdier Laguiole pieces for your knives, forks, spoons and teaspoons, you can have the enjoyment and quality of Laguiole across all your cutlery.

Set Contains:

6x Laguiole Knives

6x Laguiole Table Forks

6x Laguiole Table Spoons

6x Laguiole Tea Spoons


Full tang handles provide good balance, support and control

High quality resin handles are comfortable to hold, and riveted to the interior metal

Sharp pointed, serrated knives make cut meat and vegetables easily

High quality stainless steel with a fantastic mirror finish

Hand made in Laguiole, France

Domestic dishwasher safe; hand wash recommmended to prolong life of cutlery