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Andre Verdier Laguiole Knife & Fork Set 12 Piece Blue & Stainless Steel

Andre verdier laguiole knife & fork set 12 piece blue & stainless steel

Andre Verdier
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Made by master cutlers in France, every Laguiole tool has to go through 50 quality control steps to pass inspection. These tools are imbued with French passion and a deep love for food, and are made 100% in France. Designed with the signature bee on the handle, these are the real deal.

Classic country look steak knife and fork set

Set includes 6 knives and 6 forks

Guaranteed 100% French manufacturing

Comes with an etched wooden storage tray


Materials: 13% stainless steel knife, 1.2mm hardened stainless steel blade; synthetic handle

Care Instructions

Wash knives after use in warm, soapy water, dry immediately and pop back into the knife block. Do not allow them to stand in water, or come into contact with a heat source. Remember not to use abrasive sponges on them either, in order to maintain their finish.


We do not recommend washing these knives in the dishwasher. In the dishwasher, blades can knock against one another, reducing the longevity of the edge, and water can creep in between the metal and the handle, reducing the life of the handle.