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Lombok lasagne dish 37x30cm

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Made at the Muksin working within a small community of potter’s hand making beautiful black terracotta pottery. Baked in the ground using an ancient natural technique gives the dishes a unique organic and elegant look.

Use: Stovetop (not Induction), Oven, Microwave

Cookware heats evenly and is renowned for its heat retaining properties

Season before use by filling the piece ¾ full of water and place uncovered in oven for 30minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Sealing will improve with each use.

For best results during long slow cooking place a piece of baking paper between the pot and the lid.

To clean a quick soak (do not soak for long periods) and wash down with a soft cloth is all that is needed.

Abrasive cleaners and Dishwashers are not recommended. Hand Wash Only