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Silit pressure cooker 4.5l black

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Try the latest in refined and perfected technology; with 80 years of research and experience, Silit products provide nutritious and healthier meals without wasting energy or time

Silit's Sicomatic Pressure Cooker with econtrol may be used on any type of stove or hob. Safe to use, simple to operate and easy to clean (the pot is dishwasher safe, and the econtrol can be rinsed under the kitchen tap, as shown), with maintenance-free valves.


The Sicomatic features: a hermetic system for faster, more flavorful and nutritious foods; a bottom with a pulled through steel core providing fast heat conduction and perfect heat storage for energy-efficient cooking; three adjustable cooking settings to choose from (gentle, quick, steam cooking) that can be selected by turning a dial with one hand; a clear cooking display; a removable handle that is quickly cleaned by rinsing under running water; and a measuring scale on the interior of the pot.

The pot is composed of 18/10 stainless steel and Silargan - a special nickel-free, a non-porous ceramic surface which adds no taste and is cut and scratch-resistant.