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Wmf profi plus 7 piece utensil set

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Content: 1 each utensil holder, ladle, slotted spoon, wok spatula, spatula, whisk, vegetable peeler. Height: 42.5 cm.
Material: Cromargan stainless steel 18/10 partially matt finish. Rust-free, dishwasher safe, dimensionally stable, sanitary, acid resistant and indestructible. High-quality silicone.
The functional parts are securely cemented into the handle. Includes a practical eyelet for storage on a rack with hooks.
Design: WMF Atelier.
Collection: Profi Plus
Product description

On the rotating hanger, you will find ladles, skimmers, spatulas, spatulas, whisks and vegetable peelers. After cleaning in the dishwasher, your kitchen aids are always stored on it to save space.

The Profi Plus series offers you numerous practical kitchen aids for really every move and every type of preparation in a uniform and modern design. For example, draw from the full: sauce spoon, ice cream scoop, kitchen scoop and brewing sieve help you. Or turn fried potatoes, steaks, breaded and caramelized with the matching turner made of polished stainless steel and a gentle plastic spoon. Even tricky things, such as coring apples, forming delicate balls of pulp or removing fresh scales from their scales, is child's play with the professional utensils. Stir, peel, turn, plan and stomp on it! All Profi Plus kitchen gadgets are processed precisely and waterproof, easy to clean in the dishwasher and last even with long-term use, what they promise. Thanks to the hanging eyelet made of stainless steel on the handle, they can be stored clearly and at any time on the kitchen bar when they are not in use.