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Le Creuset Signature Roaster 37cm Cerise Red

Le creuset signature roaster 37cm cerise red

Le Creuset
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The Le Creuset Signature Roaster is a deep-sided, classic enamelled cast-iron roasting pan ideal for everything from roasted meats and vegetables to baked desserts and casseroles. The 37 x 25cm rectangular roaster is the larger of the two sizes available and weights 5kgs. 


The roaster is optimised for steady, even heat distributions and the top quality enamel surface is hard-wearing and resistant to stains and dulling. The light enamel interior is intelligently designed so that you can easily monitor food while cooking ensuring it does not stick, over-cook or even burn. 


The re-designed loop handles also make this pan easy to lift and provide a better grip even when wearing oven globes. The roaster is also dishwasher safe for convenient and easy cleaning.




Matches the Cerise (red) Le Creuset range

Large roasting pan measures 37 x 25cm

6.6L capacity

Ideal for a whole turkey or chicken, homemade lasagna, casseroles and side dishes

Superior heat retention and conductivity

High quality enamelled cast iron

Loop handle for easy carry

Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup

Made in France

Suitable for all cooktops and ovens