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Le Creuset Signature Stainless Steel Knob 4.7L

Le creuset signature stainless steel knob 4.7l

Le Creuset
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The new Signature Phenolic Knobs are larger, taller and more ergonomic for a much better grip and easy lifting - even when wearing bulky oven gloves. With two options Stainless Steel or Phenolic (260C). The enhanced knob offers increased heat resistance and remains cool to the touch when cooking. Individually blister packed.

Size 47mm Fits: All Saucepan Lids 18cm - 22cm Round Casserole Lids 23 and 25cm Oval Casserole Lids

Size 57mm Fits: 24cm - 30cm Round Casserole Lids 27cm and 31cm Oval Casserole Lids