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Emile Henry Appetiser Platter 31x16cm Stone

Emile henry appetiser platter 31x16cm stone

Emile Henry
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Product Description

From the oven to the table. Emile Henry "Aperitivo" platters offer a unique way to cook and serve appetizers.

Mini pizzas and puff pastries, root vegetable wedges, mini skewers, rolls; simply bake and serve them hot directly on the same platter.

Once out of the oven, the ceramic will keep hot bites warm for longer; unless you prefer to freeze your platter to serve and keep cool appetizers like oysters or frozen fruit skewers.

Practical, the small side handle is perfect to hold the Appetizer Platter and to pass it around the room. Resistant to scratches, you can cut or eat directly on the ceramic surface.

The Appetizer Platters make entertaining in style easy: mix and match platter shapes and colours for an attractive gourmet finger food display.

Ideal to spend less time shuffling dishes in the kitchen and more quality time enjoying your party!

Made in France.