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Progressive Pl8 Professional Mandoline

Progressive pl8 professional mandoline

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Strength, simplicity, and safety inspired the design of our Professional Mandoline. From delicious gratins to delicate julienned carrots, our Professional Mandoline is a necessity in the kitchen. This mandolin features a blade adjustment knob for a seamless change between the built-in slicing and waffle blades, eliminating loose blades or parts.  With a quick turn of the wrist, you can create waffle cuts sure to impress any guest.



• Slice, julienne, and waffle cutting options with four slicing thicknesses.

• Thicknesses vary from 1mm, 3.5mm, 5.5mm, and 7.5mm.

• Extra-wide, stainless steel slicing deck allows food to glide easily when secured with the safety handguard.

• Safety hand guard secures food for stable slicing.

• Integrated blades eliminate loose parts.

• Non-skid feet fold in for compact storage.