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Fagor Duo Presssure Cooker 6l

Fagor duo presssure cooker 6l

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Fagor Pressure Cooker (6L)
Cook Chicken in 15 minutes, and Risotto in 7 minutes.  Now that's fast!

Fast, Easy & Healthy
Reduces cooking time up to 70%,  Easily adapt your recipes and cook in 1/3 of the time (instructions included) load ingredients, lock lid in place and begin cooking.  Release pressure and enjoy healthy, flavourful meals.  Create delicious meals while retaining important water soluble vitamins and minerals.  The tender taste of slow cooking.  Cooks without oil, which maintains the natural colour and flavour of foods.

- Triple safety features including a lock on handle preventing opening before all pressure is released
- 18/10 Stainless Steel
- Made in Spain
- 10 Year Warranty
- 6L Pressure Cooker
- Instruction Manual
- Recipe Booklet