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Alligator Chopper With Collector

Alligator chopper with collector

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Swedish company Alligator claims to make the worlds best chopper. And thanks to that renowned Scandi simplicity and energy, theres no doubting this.


Alligator make the laborious task of chopping fruit and vegetables quick, safe and fun. With the Alligator Chopper, you can have perfectly diced onions, tomatoes, or potatoes in one easy stroke and its far safer than a kitchen knife..


This simple-to-use gadget features a compact design and is perfect for use with your favourite ingredients. Simply place your foods on the small grid and push the top section downwards in seconds, your food is finely chopped and is pushed into the clear food collector ready to be tossed into your dishes.


Chopper with Collector features: Designed in Sweden. Crafted from strong, durable materials. Compact design. Equipped with a sharp stainless steel cutting grid. Cuts through all types of foods in one swift motion. Clear collector tub catches all of your chopped ingredients. Small cleaning grid is perfect for removing debris from the chopping grid on the base. Dishwasher safe. Presented in an Alligator box.


Dimensions: 28cm (l) X 10..5 cm (h) x 10cm (w)