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Magimix blender cup set

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Set includes two cups of different sizes with drinking lid and spout


Made to fit the blade assembly of your Magimix Le Blender for creating blended drinks on the go


Designed to save preparation and cleanup time spent when transferring blended drinks from a large jug into your travel cup


Lightweight plastic material makes the cup easy to carry or slip into your tote


Comes in two sizes (400ml and 700ml) to match amount of drink or to have a spare cup to use


Your blended fruit smoothies for breakfast can be enjoyed anywhere using the two-piece Magimix Le Blender Blend Cups Set. Fill either cup with your favourite ingredients, fit the blade assembly of your Magimix Le Blender, then blend. The handy lid keeps your drink from leaking while on transport and even comes with a convenient spout for hassle-free drinking on the go. And with no large jug to wash, you can have healthy drinks without the time-consuming cleanup.